Professional Ultimate

We are proud to announce that Griffix will be an official partner with the new San Diego Professional Ultimate Franchise,The Growlers, for their upcoming 2015 which begins this April. The Growlers will be competing in The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL), which is the United States' oldest and largest professional ultimate league. The Growlers are the AUDL's first team in Southern California, and gives the league an opportunity to deepen its roster of talented West Coast players while adding a franchise in a region known for its vibrant ultimate community.

Griffix will be working closely with The Growlers to provide merchandise and gear of all styles for players and fans this season. Take a look at our online store for the first available items and keep an eye out for more sweet gear in the coming weeks!

Boys and Girls Club, Spark, Bag Toss, and Griffix

What does that all have in common? Just a great San Diego afternoon supporting the Boys and Girls Club while playing some Cornhole.

SPARK is an organization that works to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego Area in both service and fundraising. This past weekend they put on a Corn Hole tournament to help raise money for the Back-to-School program. Griffix provided the championship shirts for the event. Here is a link to the event write up.

College Mania!

Lots of great looking Jerseys are roaming the college tournaments this year! Here are a few we helped get out there! Some team photo's below.

SDSU Federalis

SDSU Gnomes

Sonoma State D'Vine

USC Men's Ultimate

San Luis Obispo Core

University of Pacific Tiger Sharks

UCSC Slugs


 Sonoma State D'vine!

Sonoma State D'vine!

 San Luis Obispo Core

San Luis Obispo Core

 University of the Pacific Tiger Sharks

University of the Pacific Tiger Sharks

 SDSU Federalis

SDSU Federalis

 SDSU Gnomes

SDSU Gnomes


It has been awhile since we have posted on our Blog but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy. We just wrapped up our first full year in existence and we can say it has been quite the ride,  full of milestones and set backs. 2014 is looking even brighter as we look to continue to grow provide great products to our customers. 

Stay tuned for more updates.

Busy Summer!

Wow what a busy summer! Lots of orders flowing in, we moved to a dedicated space to produce our product and the machines have been working. 

Some of the orders we had over the summer:

- San Diego Streetgang

- LA Renegade

- San Diego Airshow

- LA 7 Figures

- San Diego Fireball

- LA Viva

- Morley Disc Golf Course - Spring Fling Tournament

- The San Diego Slammer Ultimate Tournament

- DUDE Summer League

- SUPA Fall League

- Boys and Girls Club Adventure Race


We've re-vamped the site a bit to make it a bit cleaner and are now pushing our name out there more. Follow us on twitter! 


We're Moving!

Since we started we have been growing and expanding. Adding equipment and capabilities, developing contacts and leads, and venturing into different markets other than ultimate as well. We are starting to outgrow the small corner that is my bedroom. We are moving to a dedicated office.!


We are nearly at 1000 units shipped, should hit that figure this month! Maybe a party? Who's in? 

Another Champion!

The San Diego State Federalis were the first team to begin ordering through Griffix. They had a sweet concept and we worked with them to make that concept a reality! Thus ensuring that they could focus on winning because they knew they looked so good!

This is the second time a Griffix clothed team has won a tournament, I'm sensing a trend! It may be time to jump on this Championship Train! Congrats SDSU! Go get 'em at Regionals!


Camp Winton

I spent several summers at this magical place and being there helped shape me into the person I am today, for better or worse. I will break into song if correctly triggered; "come on down!" sparks the next line "and be the first to par take in this 5 star dinning establishment!" I still occasionally yell "mosey" towards a running child, I may be forever programmed.

Winton is looking for a design for the classic Winton Logo, so we did some quick mock-ups. The idea is a W reflected in water showing an upside down W. Sometimes it looks like a Double X. I was having fun with gradients and sorta went crazy. Anyways, provide any thoughts or any other direction you might like to see these go.


Squirtle I choose you!

As you can see from the below post Griffix provided jerseys for the Ninja Squirtles, a team in the LA Winter League. The team battled hard with some tough wins and losses in the season but they continued to fight! They battled hard and won the end of year league tournament.

We asked Allen Lai how he thought the season went and how they managed to pull out the victory. 

"The season was tough, we hadn't really played well throughout the season. But we always could look down at our jerseys and know we were ballers. The jerseys always kept us on track and building for the tournament. When the tournament came we knew we were the best looking team and with that confidence we dominated the competition. I'm not sure we would have made it past the semi's with out the sweet jerseys that Griffix made for us!" - Allen Lai

Congrats Squirtles! We'll be there for you when you defend the title next year!



LA's winter league is one of the best leagues around. With a bring-your-own-team format where teams play for multiple years in a row the competition is stiff. Teams also tend to get jerseys made up for their teams so they can look fly. I was contacted by the Ninja Squirtles to help create this jersey. 

They ordered Patagonia's and had them sent to my house where we applied the art work to the jersey. They came out pretty cool, especially on a Red, evil Squirtle!

Squirtles Jersey.jpeg

Whiskey Gnomes!

The San Diego State Women's  Ultimate team came around and needed some sweet gear for their season this year. They had an idea of what they were looking for and sent over this graphic.


The graphic was in a pretty low quality, lines were not clean or sharp, and printing this would be tough. With the help of Tim Gilligan we were able to sharpen up this image and get it to a printable state, Tim did an amazing job working hard to get the graphic to where the customer needed it. Below is the final image.

White Gnome - Gang - test.jpg

The Gnomes look great and are tearing up the SW Women's scene. Go Gnomes!


Pictures via Gregg Pettus

First Order!

Our first order came in from the San Diego State Federalis Ultimate team in early January. They were looking for a clean simple design to compliment the full sublimated jerseys they were also getting. We came up with this design that really contrasts well with their black shorts. 

This was a great first order as I was able to print a few shirts up and have the guys feel them and touch them before printing up the entire lot. Now that these guys look great they'll need to start playing great! 

alec 2.JPG
 Beeman fired up!

Beeman fired up!

 Eli setting up his mark!

Eli setting up his mark!

 Team Huddle

Team Huddle

Pictures via Greg Pettus